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Re: [ontolog-forum] CCTONT work progress

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Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 13:36:49 -0700
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Adam Pease wrote:    (01)

> Hi Peter,
>   If the phrase "must not be a real world entity" is definitive, then 
> I think we'd just add a constraint to the relationship that not only 
> is it a SymbolicString, but also that the string does not refer to an 
> instance of &%Physical.  We could subclass SymbolicString with 
> NonReferentialString and the axiom
> (=>
>   (instance ?X NonReferentialString)
>   (not
>     (exists (?Y)
>       (and
>         (instance ?Y Physical)
>         (refers ?X ?Y)))))
> That seems a little hokey to me though.  What would be a case of a 
> code not referring to something in the real world?  What does "real 
> world" mean more specifically?  Does it directly correspond with 
> SUMO's Physical?
> Adam    (02)

mm1: Here is an extract from CCTS v2.01 if this should help:    (03)

"The representation of the information in a Core Component whose Core 
Component Type is Code. Type should use a standard issued by a recognized
standards body, whenever a standard exists. If international standards 
are not used a business driven justification shall be provided."    (04)

I've also attached a paper from Mike Adcock, now deceased, who wrote 
about the quandry about code and identifier. A lot has been done and 
debated since this was produced in June 2002. As a final note, if it is 
a real world object, the representation term is used instead (if memory 
serves me correctly) not the Code. Type. Thanks.    (05)

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