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Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2004 11:31:44 -0400
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Hi Monica,    (01)

On Thursday 28 October 2004 10:13, Monica J. Martin wrote:
> mm1: Minor non-technical point, it may be easy to criticize when you
> have not been engaged in the substantive and productive work on code
> lists. Substantial progress has been made, even though some new
> observers may find it confusing.  People are implementing it; UBL is a
> prime example. And, they are working on a code list recommendation that
> was supported by input from many organizations including NIST (effort
> started in eBSC - reference Mark Palmer brief to Ontolog 26 October).    (02)

I do not mean to be critical of the hard work that went into this spec. It is 
certainly good to see. However the paper you forwarded us, "Code vs 
Identifier - The Definitive Paper" says that the matter of Codes and 
Identifiers has "evoked considerable discussion" and states that it (the 
paper) is the "definitive decision with which we will work from now on." Yet 
those decisions were not recorded in the spec!     (03)

Distinctions that are important to the specification need to be stated in 
definitions. You owe it to your implementors. The editor should take this to 
heart and define the terms he uses.    (04)

Best Regards, 
- Peter     (05)

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