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Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 17:49:38 -0400 (EDT)
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Monica Martin wrote:    (01)

>I've also attached a paper from Mike Adcock, now deceased, who wrote 
>about the quandry about code and identifier. A lot has been done and 
>debated since this was produced in June 2002. As a final note, if it is 
>a real world object, the representation term is used instead (if memory 
>serves me correctly) not the Code. Type. Thanks.    (02)

I had a look at the attached document.  The best that can be said of it
is that the examples may help us infer the distinction that the authors 
failed to describe.  From the examples it seems that Codes can be aliases 
for attribute values whereas Identifiers are attribute values which can be
used to denote object instances (or occurences, but NONE of the identified
things in the examples are occurences).      (03)

Of course, Codes are attribute values as well.  My guess is that they wish to 
think of these aliases as identifiers for the Identifiers, although one
could think of them as Identifiers where some naming context is needed to
uniquely identify objects using them.  The only "real" difference between
this and what they call Identifier is that the context is explicitly 
defined and the values and their mappings should be in a repository somewhere.    (04)

-Evan    (05)

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