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Re: [ontolog-forum] Current Semantic Web Layer pizza (was ckae)

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I think one point is that the work has an intensional characterization.
An arbitrary extensional (instance of) 4'33" minutes of silence is not
intensionally characterized by the work, though looking at those 4'33"
minutes sonically, you can't differentiate. Silence is silence
(however, even here, each instance of a performance of 4'33" is
distinct sonically, given unintentional performer or audience noise --
an intended pragmatic point made by the creator).     (01)

However, a work such as 4'33" has differing semantics and vastly
differing pragmatics. Semantically, 4'33" is a music composition.
Pragmatically, it intends to say something about music above and beyond
that semantics, i.e., make a statement about what music really means
now in the late 20th Century or perhaps what it has always meant. Etc.
Art nearly always takes an intentional stance (that's "intentional").      (02)

I agree with Jeff that "performance art" is one way of categorizing
such things. But that just means that "performance art" is a cluster of
properties, whose semantics and pragmatics we roughly agree on.     (03)

Leo    (04)

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>Chris M.> Nonetheless, you heard *the piece*.  If there is a 
>2-bar rest in 
>> middle of the first movement of a symphony, say, you don't stop
>> hearing the symphony during the silence.  Cage's piece pushes that
>> fact to the limit.
>Queries: When does one not hear the Cage piece? Does a deaf 
>person hear the 
>piece? Does a person in another city hear it?  Someone asleep? 
>How many 
>times does one hear the piece during a lifetime? When does a 
>performance of 
>the piece begin and end? What is the sound of one hand clapping?
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