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Re: Database and Ontologies [was-Re: [ontolog-forum] A problem]

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Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 10:43:33 -0700
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At 9:31 AM -0700 8/16/06, Jack Park wrote:
>citseer is temporarily down. The paper is online at
>Christopher Menzel wrote:
>>On 8/16/06 8:57 AM, "Rex Brooks" <rexb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>I find this thread curiously satisfying, since it is covering a
>>>number of developments I have been involved with and/or following for
>>>several years now. The mention of Siderean Seamark, about which I
>>>learned a little last year, and the notion of quads, in addition to
>>>triples leads to what I happen to think is the next  major task that
>>>needs to be tackled (most likely by the W3C), namely moving RDF from
>>>"triples" to "tuples" to pave the way for "n-ary databases."
>>There does in fact appear to be a solution to this problem (which I've only
>>recently been made aware of myself).  Calvanese, De Giacomo, and Lenzerini
>>in their paper "A Framework for Ontology Integration"
>>(http://tinyurl.com/reamq) describe a description logic DLR with n-ary
>>relations that extends the description logic underlying OWL-DL without
>>increasing its complexity.  It is straightforward to encode DLR in OWL-DL.
>>For some reason this information does not seem to have made its way into the
>>work of the W3C committee that is investigating n-ary extensions to RDF.  I
>>am not an expert on OWL or DLs, but FWIW I am unable to see any theoretical
>>reasons why a DLR encoding wouldn't do the job.
>>Chris Menzel
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