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Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2009 19:59:59 +0200
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Ferenc, thanks for all the further good comment.    (01)

> I believe the big issue is how to connect common knowledge of
> whatever representation since we seem to have a narrow bandwidth
> of keeping track of long sequences of information.    (02)

Levels of abstraction are the basis of MACK's systematic approach
to that problem, particularly how they fit in with the "join"
concept as I introduced it from this point
in the 3rd instalment of my "MACK basics" series.  "Composition"
is another name often used for it, but I prefer the graphic or ERD
word with its RDB meaning and associations.    (03)

A more immediately relevant aspect is in this paragraph from a
slightly later post by me:
(But don't follow up now on the unfulfilled promise in its last
sentence!)    (04)

Another major approach to your problem, so central as the problem
is, concerns what I hesitantly call its UDDI- or WSDL-like
functionality, as part of the whole market scene.  I say
"hesitantly" because (1) those specific facilities/languages are
far from being great advertisements for any concept, (2) their
notion of component architecture needs throwing out, lock, stock
and barrel, and, more centrally, (3) their conception of the
nature of the market is not pitched right from epistemological or
ontological points of view.  (Sorry not to go into more detail on
that now!)    (05)

To generalize, though, it is the integration of the market and
component aspects of MACK as a philosophically-founded
architecture which will bring about the foreseeable quantum leap
of intuitive and agile functionality over those of traditional Web
Search and Web Services.    (06)

> It is not by chance for example that a forum on cognitive
> linguisics cals for papers on the relations between cognitive
> systems, their modular nature and interfaces. Therefore products
> that help connect various modalities of knowledge
> representations, even befote they are structured at an
> elementary level seem to be a winner: http://prezi.com/    (07)

Google |metaset artificial creativity| to be pointed to my
reluctant but still chosen use of a controversial phrase in the
past.  (Follow my 2 links above to see how I also refer to it as
"Koestler creativity".)    (08)

But Ferenc, you seem to have a background in data mining, so you
will surely love this forthcoming platform, and how it will help
expedite the whole top-down/bottom-up process of creative
discovery and invention!    (09)

Christopher    (010)

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