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Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2009 13:54:13 +0000
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thanks for reminding us for Russel's quote

Bertrand Russell's "The trouble with the world is that the stupid
are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.")

 added it to my signature just for fun :-)

RE. Koestler
I read (and cited) excerpts from the Ghost in the Machine, was not aware of the book you mention below
but since looking it up it looks he wrote a lot of stuff , wonder how difficult its going to be to get hold of these books in the library



On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 1:38 PM, Christopher Spottiswoode <cms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Ferenc, many thanks for picking up (below) on my reference to
Koestler!  (and please pardon me for reverting to the list on this
matter, but it's most handy in my gradual and tentative
presentation of the MACK-indicated work-in-progress toolset, and
my testing where it might already ring other people's bells...)

As you know, Koestler in his 1964 book, The Act of Creation,
generalized his notion of 'bisociation' over the three fields of
humour, science and art.  Well, I generalize it further to cover
any reconceptualization or conceptual change, then specialize it,
in an "ontology"-based or data-driven way, so that it applies to
every canonical state-transition in a MACK-compliant processing
environment.  In a precisely-defined way, that manages differences
through time or between viewpoints, on top of an explicit degree
of continuity or commonality.  Hence the MACK notion of 'context',
which involves an ever-changing or kaleidoscopic new light on the
particular given and basic facts of the situation, with an
intuitiveness very similar to that of good multi-windowed

But the ease with which such behaviour may be orchestrated and
choreographed, and the extent to which much of that will take
place automatically, always in an optionally open and negotiating
mode, is entirely thanks to the degrees of orthogonality which the
evolution of life has discovered or invented between our
complementary conceptions of aspects of reality.  That is the
exciting process of "real ontology" that is The Mainstream which
we can ride and exploit so much better.

So it is a picture of the creation of relevant simplifications of
an ambient complexity, a picture which is itself very simple,
really.  It covers all of life, and finds one significant answer
to the meaning of the relationship between knower and Known:  we
can always do better.  So it will in due course be universally
seen and exploited as such.  Yet the resulting marketing process
of products meeting needs will ever remain influencible by its
participants and stakeholders.  It will thereby be more democratic
than any other systematic conception of democracy.

Thanks again, Ferenc, and best regards,


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You wrote:
I have a new metaphor which portrays that dynamic process.  It
further builds on the Koestler view of creativity as "bisociation"
from one reference-frame to another.  (I had introduced that view
on slide 24 of the slideshow I had prepared for my once-scheduled
contribution to the Standards and Ontologies Summit last April and
which, with its many added notes, is now at

Koestler's bisociation is an intuitive observation of the possible
physical form of thoughts - a kind of phase transition where
expectation is in one phase and the actual input is in another
phase casuing a lind of blast, just as in high voltage
electricity, that appears as a burst of laughter. Similar mental
tensions and stresses often result in sudden "shocks" that may be
taken literally as soon as observation supports the assumption.
Regards, ferenc

Paola Di Maio
The trouble with the world is that the stupid
are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt
Bertrand Russell

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