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Re: [ontolog-forum] An Ultra High Level Ontology-TIME

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Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 15:01:16 -0800
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Pat Hayes wrote:    (01)

On Feb 11, 2009, at 12:10 PM, Rich Cooper wrote:    (02)

> My program reads a
> statement that is in present tense, and therefore records the
> statement in an RDB.  The statement says "X is happening."  Thus
> the RDB record for that statement uses the present value of "Now".
> It's the same Now that you use in Excel spreadsheets, but not
> Turned into a numeric value of time - instead, it's the symbol NOW.
> All statements in the present tense are recorded with the symbol "Now"
> as the time of occurrence.    (03)

[PH] A VERY bad idea. Do this, then wait a year or so, then look in the  
[PH] RDB. Does it still have "Now" as the time in a table entry? What does  
[PH] "Now" mean now; that is, then?
[PH] Type "valid transaction time" into Google and read some stuff before  
[PH] proceeding.
[PH] Pat H    (04)

It better have "Now" in the database a year later, or ten years later,
because this is an NLP construction about present tense.  There may be other
temporal symbols such as you find in Temporal Logic math (Before, During,
After, Within(?), OverlapsBefore(?) and so on.  There is absolutely no time
stamp to be entered into this particular database.  Otherwise, I wouldn't
use the symbols instead of the numbers.      (05)

Not all temporal algorithms use fully bound time stamps.  You may want to
google up "temporal logic operators" to understand what I mean here.      (06)

-Rich    (07)

Rich Cooper
Rich AT EnglishLogicKernel DOT com    (08)

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