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Re: [ontolog-forum] An Ultra High Level Ontology-TIME

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Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 10:10:09 -0800
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Rich Cooper
Rich AT EnglishLogicKernel DOT com    (01)

Dear Ian,    (02)

>Hi Rich,
>Hmmm...got a bit of a problem with the "at this moment in time".     (03)

"Now" means as the NLP sentence is processed - the SYMBOLIC time 
at which the statement was made/read/processed.  It isn't calculated
as the number of seconds since some reference point, as in the 
Excel spreadsheet meaning of Now.  Instead, it is a symbolic Now.    (04)

My program reads a 
statement that is in present tense, and therefore records the
statement in an RDB.  The statement says "X is happening."  Thus
the RDB record for that statement uses the present value of "Now".  
It's the same Now that you use in Excel spreadsheets, but not
Turned into a numeric value of time - instead, it's the symbol NOW.
All statements in the present tense are recorded with the symbol "Now"
as the time of occurrence.      (05)

>Going extensional for individuals kinda walks you down the 4D path 
> (you can resist it, but the workarounds become horrendous). Which 
>means YOU today is a part of YOU this week, which is a part of YOU.
>This is another reason why the categories I suggest might not work as a
>UHLO. 4D does seem to raise the hackles on some ontology folks.
>Ian    (06)

-Rich    (07)

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