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Re: [ontolog-forum] An Ultra High Level Ontology

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From: Ed Barkmeyer <edbark@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2009 18:28:14 -0500
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Rich Cooper wrote:
> Since John Sowa and Pat Hayes (and possibly Ian Bailey) seem to agree 
> on the following ultra high level ontology, perhaps we should proclaim 
> it an "Initial Ontic Standard" that can be built upon:
> -Thing
>    -Individual
>    -Type
>      -Powertype
>      -TupleTyple
>      -IndividualType
>      -Name
>      -NameType
>    -tuple (thing, thing, thing, ...etc.)
>      -couple (thing, thing)
>        -superSubtype (type, type)
>        -typeInstance (type, thing)
>          -powertypeInstance (powertype, type)
>          -nameTypeInstance (nametype, name)
>        -namedBy (thing, name)
>      -triple (thing, thing, thing)
>      -quadruple (thing, thing, thing, thing)
>      -quintuple (thing, thing, thing, thing, thing)    (01)

I, for one, cannot build anything on this list of terms.  In the 
immortal words of Haim Kilov, "I won't agree with any statement that 
contains undefined terms."    (02)

Now, if we had definitions and/or axioms for these terms, we might have 
a start at an ontology.    (03)

And I don't think my intuition is very good with respect to this 
taxonomy.  Ian said "types are identified by their members", which is a 
surprise.  It seems to make Type a "set" or a "collection".  I would 
have expected that a Type would be identified by its 'characteristics', 
i.e., the necessary and sufficient conditions specified by its axioms.
So I don't presume that I understand any of what is listed.    (04)

I suggest that we don't judge this book by its cover.    (05)

-Ed    (06)

"'I'm sure I didn't mean--' Alice was beginning, but the Red Queen
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You SHOULD have meant! What do you suppose is the use of a child
without any meaning?'"
   -- Lewis Carroll, "Through the Looking Glass"    (07)

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