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Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2007 16:18:36 -0400
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Azamat,    (01)

Peirce's first rule of reason is very simple:    (02)

    Do not block the way of inquiry.    (03)

The worst sin against that rule is to claim knowledge
that one doesn't have and to prevent other people from
pursuing alternatives.    (04)

AA> The worst evils have been caused by defective theories
 > (partial conceptualizations)...    (05)

Please give some specific examples.  I have no idea what
you have in mind.    (06)

AA> Different political theories come from lacking real
 > social knowledge:    (07)

Where do you find this "real social knowledge"?  People have
talked a lot about their pet social theories for the past several
millennia -- and most of their ideas would have been disasters
if they could have enforced them.  I have a great deal of respect
for Plato, but I would never want to live in his ideal _Republic_.    (08)

AA> absolutism, autocracy, despotism, communism, capitalism,
 > fascism, communism, collectivism, conservatism, radicalism,
 > extremism, elitism, democracy, etc.    (09)

It's quite easy to see which ones were the most evil:  those that
violated the first rule of reason by trying to force ideas on
other people.  The despots and dictators of the past century were
the worst.  Democracy isn't perfect, but its saving grace is that
it lets multiple people pursue their own interests as they see fit
-- provided that the voting system is honest.    (010)

Capitalism is OK as long as there is competition, but when one
company or a small group of companies become monopolies, they
become dictators.  Despotism by the CEO of a large corporation
can be every bit as evil as despotism by a governmental dictator.
In fact, it can be worse because large corporations can become
more powerful than most national governments.    (011)

AA> All these devastations and destructions arose from and will
 > arise only from ''different conceptualizations''.    (012)

Absolutely not!!!!!  Forced standardization is worst of all
possible evils.  As Lao Tse said, "When everybody recognizes
the good as good, that is beginning of evil."    (013)

Religions, for example, have been the source of the worst evils
throughout history -- because they are not run by God.  They are
run by dictators who hide behind a cloak of Godliness.  In fact,
religious dictators are blasphemers even by their own criteria.
With their little, finite minds, they claim to know the infinite
mind of God -- and then they try to force their conceptions upon
everybody else.  Religious despots are the most evil of all.    (014)

Hegel made a wise observation:  The Protest Reformation was
the best thing that could have happened to Christianity -- not
because the Protestant ideas were any better than the Catholic's,
but because the competition of ideas kept both of them more honest
in critiquing, defending, and refining their ideas.    (015)

Fundamental principle:  Do not block the way of inquiry.    (016)

John    (017)

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