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Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2007 15:51:40 -0400
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At 10:23 PM +0300 8/6/07, Azamat wrote:
>The citations of the day:
>>  As a human, I think that it should be possible to speak of
>>  one reality, as a computer scientist and engineers I see that it is not
>>  possible - and in my oppinion never will be possible - to reflect one
>>  reality in our systems, as all system are based on different
>>  conceptualizations.
>Reality is one as its true representation. Otherwise, your will have just
>defective systems with ''different conceptualizations''.    (01)

That reality is one does not imply there is one "true representation" 
of the one reality.    (02)

  - Some religious and spiritual traditions teach that there are 
aspects of the reality that cannot be described. If they are right, 
then there is no "true representation" of everything, although there 
may be "true representations" of describable aspects of reality.    (03)

- There may be different ways to describe the same reality.  One 
obvious example is matrix mechanics and wave mechanics.  They are 
isomorphic representations, but they are not identical.  Matrix 
mechanics represents quantum systems as infinite-dimensional vectors 
of complex numbers. Wave mechanics represents quantum systems as 
waves.    (04)

K    (05)

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