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Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2007 15:17:38 -0500
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>At 10:23 PM +0300 8/6/07, Azamat wrote:
>>The citations of the day:
>>>   As a human, I think that it should be possible to speak of
>>>   one reality, as a computer scientist and engineers I see that it is not
>>>   possible - and in my oppinion never will be possible - to reflect one
>>>   reality in our systems, as all system are based on different
>>>   conceptualizations.
>>Reality is one as its true representation. Otherwise, your will have just
>>defective systems with ''different conceptualizations''.
>That reality is one does not imply there is one "true representation"
>of the one reality.    (01)

Right. The key point that Azamat needs to grasp is that reality is 
not a representation, even of itself. Korzybsky said it succinctly: 
the map is not the territory.    (02)

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