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John Bottoms wrote:



Though all of this, we should note that the 4th branch of government resides in the bureaucrats in Washington. I have seen them put a halt to some abuses of power by side-stepping the other branches.


Agreed.  I have worked with some really smart guys, excellent engineers and mathematicians, computer scientists and psychologists, and linguists.  Government employees are excellent employees in my experience.  It’s the structure of control from the political top that scatters that talent.  I suppose there is another story of the same ilk from the politicians about how nothing is getting done.  What the Self Interest Ontology model we’re discussing should do is to model that whole process (as reflected in the database) and make better sense of it. 

These observations are given without prejudice. The same ideas have occurred to me in the past.

-John Bottoms
 FirstStar Systems
 Concord, MA USA (not far from Walden Pond)


Thanks for your comments, please keep them coming.



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