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Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 17:21:03 -0700
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Ed wrote:    (02)

>Ubiquitous interest, yes.  But, like the ontologies used for sorting
>database and message content, the ontologies used for this will focus
>the kinds of information that is to be extracted.  Some background 
>ontology for the general concepts in presenting ideas is needed, and 
>some of that is basic linguistic stuff, and notions of time and 
>causality, and the like.  Not to say this is easy, but this is the only    (03)

>part that is universal to the "unstructured text analysis" problem. 
>Beyond that, reading a management science text and reading a nuclear 
>physics text and reading a software engineering text require different 
>domain ontologies.    (04)

Now that would be interesting...how would the application using this
ontology set realize it is encountering concepts outside of its known
domains, and how would it retrieve domain appropriate ontologies to
continue the extraction accurately?     (05)

>And the things that they enable that couldn't be done at all with prior    (06)

>technologies -- knowledge discovery, for example.    (07)

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