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Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 23:07:46 -0500
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Pat H, Pat C, and Ed,    (01)

PH> Hardly anyone needs to be able to interoperate with everybody.    (02)

PC> ... but a lot of people want to interoperate with a lot of
 > other people,    (03)

Actually, we all interoperate with an enormous range of different
kinds of people -- but usually on very specific domains.    (04)

Whenever we drive down a highway, we interoperate with all the
other drivers on the road according to a well-defined set of
conventions.  Whenever we buy anything at a store, we interoperate
with people with very different backgrounds on a narrow domain.    (05)

EB> Well, yes and no.  A lot of people (and more importantly
 > their software) need to interoperate with others in the same
 > domain (= company/industry/profession) and with others in
 > joint activities that cross specific domains.    (06)

Every company with more than 2 employees has people who
specialize in different areas.  The financial people working
for a company have more in common with financial people in
other companies than they do with the engineers in their
own company.  When you consider sales, legal, maintenance,
manufacturing, shipping, research, plumbing, air conditioning,
cafeteria, janitorial, etc., the number of different kinds
of people we interoperate with every day is enormous.    (07)

Fundamental principles:    (08)

  1. Interoperations are nearly always specific to a particular
     domain.    (09)

  2. But the number of different domains is open ended, even
     for a single company.    (010)

John    (011)

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