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At 8:40 PM +0000 7/30/08, Len Yabloko wrote:
>Thanks again for a very informative and detailed 
>response. It is always nice to get comment from 
>domain experts and learn.
>However my intention was not to establish a complete provenance of the thesis.
>It is sufficient for this discussion to say that it was inspired by W.
>CM>I'd bet a fair sum that W himself would not recognize "application as
>context" as his thesis.
>I'd bet at least as much that many Thinkers 
>would not recognize what ideas they have 
>My point about W's work was that it lays down a 
>foundation for development of common 
>representation based on the practical "use" of 
>the representation, be it a picture or world or 
>any other sigh.    (01)

Well, in fact, Peirce and Dewey provide a much 
better foundation - richer, older, clearer and 
more thoroughly explored and vindicated by 
scholarship  - for this perspective on 'meaning 
as use' than the young Wittgenstein. I find it 
very hard to even see any connection at all 
between the ideas on the Tractatus and the basic 
notions of pragmatism (which is what you seem to 
be expounding).    (02)

>  I made this point in response to Ravi 
>suggestion to focus on "use of ontology" in his 
>response to John. I answered that if "use" is 
>his main focus, then perhaps W's (later) theory 
>is a good place to start.    (03)

Ah, the LATER Wittgenstein. Let us all keep this 
very distinct from the Tractatus ideas, which 
Wittgenstein himself rejected. But again, they 
can hardly be called foundational, since this 
particular foundation was laid 80 years earlier.    (04)

Pat Hayes    (05)

>Going further in that direction one can consider 
>semiosys of signs driven by practical 
>applications utilizing it, thus forming a 
>metaphysical feedback system. This is where you 
>can connect natural feedback systems to the 
>origins of common representations and language.
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