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Re: [ontolog-forum] Wittgenstein and the pictures

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Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 14:26:44 +0000
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Frank,     (01)

>If you co-operate with your environment smoothly, you do not need to 
>communicate at all.    (02)

Thank you for this observation. This may be stated succinctly as: communication 
is ephemeral. I would go further and conclude that communication is not a 
primary phenomenon of nature, but rather an epi-phenomenon (or phantom). The 
actual emergent phenomenon is culture (or any other form of self-organization). 
This may explain why physicist have difficulties explaining communication as 
phenomenon that seemingly observed in "action at distance". The same with 
nature of information.     (03)

>This also means that thinking is not tied up with using an NL, and the 
>building blocks of thinking are not concepts, especially not words.    (04)

I think that thinking is epi-phenomenon as well. So no matter who you dicect it 
- you will get some meta-physical notions like concepts. You can call it 
language or anything else. All this things are epi-phenomena taking place in 
semantics dimension that exists only as emergent link between pragmatic 
dimension(goal) and semantic dimension(observation).    (05)

Len Yabloko, Owner/CEO
Next Generation Software
www.ontospace.net    (06)

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