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Sean Barker
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> Following is the original justification for this proposed law:
>     http://www-ksl.stanford.edu/email-archives/srkb.messages/24.html
extract from above:    (03)

"3. DARPA developed Ada as the standard for systems programming.    (04)

   Result:  C (a language that violated nearly every one of the design
            goals for Ada) became the standard for system programming."    (05)

My impression was that Ada was Pascal++, but that C was really FORTRAN
75 (i.e. Fortran NOT updated by a committee, cf "A camel is a horse
designed by a committee"). The jaundiced view is that C took off because
it allowed you to program without thinking, and to get round the
constraints which good practice imposes.     (06)

> And following is some later commentary
>     http://www.jfsowa.com/computer/standard.htm
>     The Law of Standards
I would suggest that the STEP series of data standards gives a rather
forceful counter example to some of the claims in the "Law of Standards"
- but the details would take this thread out of the scope of the forum,
at least until STEP converts to a description logic.    (07)

> John Sowa
>     (08)

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