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Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 14:24:37 -0500
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Sean and Jay,    (01)

I always thought that was the mainstream view:    (02)

 > I have long taken the view that the primary concern of a
 > programming language is to communicate between people -
 > a way of formally describing what we expect the computer
 > to do and the rationale for that description.    (03)

That was certainly one of the main concerns of many of
the pioneers in computer science, such as Dijkstra, Knuth,
McCarthy, Perlis, etc.  Following is Knuth's website for
"Literate Programming":    (04)

    Knuth: Literate Programming    (05)

Following is the opening paragraph of that site.    (06)

John Sowa
___________________________________________________________    (07)

Literate programming is a methodology that combines a programming 
language with a documentation language, thereby making programs more 
robust, more portable, more easily maintained, and arguably more fun to 
write than programs that are written only in a high-level language. The 
main idea is to treat a program as a piece of literature, addressed to 
human beings rather than to a computer. The program is also viewed as a 
hypertext document, rather like the World Wide Web. (Indeed, I used the 
word WEB for this purpose long before CERN grabbed it!) This book is an 
anthology of essays including my early papers on related topics such as 
structured programming, as well as the article in The Computer Journal 
that launched Literate Programming itself. The articles have been 
revised, extended, and brought up to date.    (08)

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