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Leo, There is a book and I would appreciate your comments on it as well. Thanks, Brand
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On inspection, this looks to be purely a data structure description, i.e., on the order of tries and linked lists, rather than a significant rendition of Peirce's conceptual notion. And it looks like it addresses primarily ways to link sequences, mainly sequences of character data, into a graph structure that minimizes structuring/representation of tokens.  That in itself could be good, if in fact it is better than tries.
I had to poke around to find any accessible paper, but the following paper turned up, which had the most information that I could find on the topic:

" The Potential for Recognizing Errors in a Dataset Using a Computer Memory Resident Data Structure Based on the Phaneron of C. S. Peirce ." Jane Campbell Mazzagatt . http://www.error06.econ.vt.edu/Mazzagatti.doc


The examples given in this paper are word and phrase sequences of characters, i.e., character sequences constituting words and then those word-sequences constituting sentence sequences, and apparently so forth upward. However, there is no notion of semantics at all: it is purely a syntactic data structure. To think that syntactic sequences will somehow lead to a schema-less and semantics-free data modeling capability seems to me naive. Also, I don't understand the paper's notion of "variable". What kind of variable is this?


I think this is possibly a useful data structure for representing uninterpreted (syntactic) data, and only that.


Does anyone think that the third (interpretant) is really anything like the interpretation of the sign? I think this is mumbo-jumbo utilizing the phraseology of Peirce. What can one make of the following, for example:

" To make the discussion less abstract the symbols from the alphabet are used as the initial SIGN-nodes or sensors and diagrammed as events from the text universe."   There is a lot of quoting from Peirce, but as always, such implicit appeals to authority find short-shrift in this forum -- or at least, I hope they do.


But I invite folks to weigh in on this topic. Perhaps you see more than I do. Please do correct me if I am wrong in my interpretation. Is there any semantic value in this?


Also, it scares me that this data structure has been patented.


My initial interpretation: this is hogwash if it is promoted more than the syntactic data structure that it is.



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Two items just crossed my inbox that may be of interest to forum members.

1. The Triadic Continuum:  New data structure with homage to  Charles Sanders Peirce



2.  Northeastern University sues Google over patent infringement


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