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Re: [ontolog-forum] Current Semantic Web Layer pizza (was ckae)

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Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2007 13:58:18 -0400
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Actually, I think it's useful to consider semantics-pragmatics as a
spectrum, at least from the viewpoint of theoretical/formal
linguistics.     (01)

Wider issues, say at the discourse/conversation level, involve more
pragmatics, including coreference/anaphora/cataphora, topic/focus,
speech act theory, performatives/etc., Gricean maxims, conversational
implicature, propositional attitudes, aspectual theory, etc.     (02)

Leo    (03)

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>Christopher Menzel wrote:
>> Fabian Neuhaus wrote:
>>> ...
>>> The only people who made up their mind are logicians: 
>according to them 
>>> whatever aspect of 'meaning' they can analyze with the help 
>of a model 
>>> theory is semantics, everything else is pragmatics. This is 
>the garbage 
>>> can definition of "pragmatics". :-)
>> And just to muddy the waters further, a large chunk of Montague 
>> semantics consists of the model theoretic analysis of many 
>> phenomena (notably, indexicals) that had, before Montague, 
>largely been 
>> consigned to the pragmatic scrapheap.  Moreoever, this work 
>is referred 
>> to (oxymoronically?) as "formal pragmatics".
>> -chris
>Yes. There are other examples, e.g. "Dynamic Semantics" -- which is 
>concerned the processing of discourses, with particular 
>emphasis on the 
>resolution of pronouns across different statements.  I think the best 
>way to make sense of it is that people who call Montague Semantics and    (04)

>Dynamic Semantics "semantics" embrace the garbage can definition of 
>"pragmatics". People who call Montague Semantics and Dynamic Semantics    (05)

>"formal pragmatics" embrace the original distinction between 
>and "pragmatics", but want to point out that these theories apply a 
>logic inspired methodology to pragmatics.
>-- Fabian
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