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A minor comment on Leo's postscript:    (01)

> This stuff also suggests that for at least natural
> languages (potentially formalizable as formal languages), there are two
> notions (relations): 1) sense (a relation between the word and the
> "semantic sense" or "word sense", e.g., "tank" as wordsense1, military
> vehicle), and 2)denotation (what the word refers to once the sense is
> chosen, in the real world). Pragmatics adds a third notion: what did
> the user intend? I.e., semantics in context.    (02)

"Pragmatics", in this sense, is truly orthogonal, in that it applies to both 
of the other two dimensions.  In my experience, the "pragmatic" use of a term 
may involve a clear change/refinement of the "word sense" (Sinn), but in many 
cases it is much less clear what the intended word sense is, but it is clear 
what the intended referents (Bedeutung) are.    (03)

The other observation is that "pragmatics" depends on a shared connotative 
space, usually in both the real world and the conceptual world.  And the 
shared connotative space is a *presumed* "base" of common knowledge, common 
belief, and common analogy.  It seems to defy effective formal treatment, and 
I suspect this is because some part of the presumption, the beliefs and the 
analogies are in fact false and nonetheless pragmatically useful.    (04)

-Ed    (05)

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