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Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2007 09:12:36 -0400
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John F. Sowa wrote:
> Gary,
> > I could a surface analysis of this and come up with a possible
> > set of car attitudes.  But based on others things that I think
> > I know I'm probably not on safe grounds making these "attitudes"
> > a set reflecting what's in the physical universe.
> When you're talking with a philosopher or a knowledge engineer,
> you are not on safe grounds with any assumption.
> For evidence, look at the archive of this forum.
> John    (02)

The ways things go in the real world, people begin with a compelling interest
in some phenomenon, and they keep their eyes on prizing out some explanation
of that, at least, until something else distracts them or they give up the
quest for understanding that particualt thing.    (03)

They are numerous fields of interest where people use concepts and models
of thing called "attitudes", from market research to operations research
to philosophy to various shades of psychology.    (04)

When the research in a particular field has been going on long enough,
and the field has passed the gaunlet or many grueling animadversions
about the "construct validity" and "operational definitions" of this,
that, and the other thing, people will naturally turn to formal and
mathematical models of the theoretical constructs of interesst.    (05)

By this time, they will have been talking about sets and functions
and relations (oh my), or categories and morphisms and functors (OMG),
whether they are fully conscious of it or not.    (06)

But none of this very modern model of mediate reprsentation is intended
to pose a terminal distraction from the intitial phenomenon of interest.    (07)

Jon Awbrey    (08)

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