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Re: [ontolog-forum] Current Semantic Web Layer Cake

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From: "Azamat" <abdoul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 21:17:21 +0300
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John, Pat, Tim, and who concerned,    (01)

The Real Semantic Web might (or will) have a different framework from your 
expectations: instead of Unifying Logic, it will be a Unifying Ontology (a 
single comprehensive model of reality) integrating as its parts the Web 
general vocabularies and ontologies: RDF, RDFS, RULE RIF, OWL, SPARQL, Proof 
and Trust boxes.    (02)

To be short, below a selection from the upcoming book: ''Reality, Universal 
Ontology and Knowledge Systems: Towards the Intelligent World'':
''The Real Web is characterized by the web hierarchical structure anchored 
in the real world environment via the ontological groundwork:    (03)

<Global Intelligent Cyberspace, or Real Semantic Web> :: = <Ontological 
Framework, WDF, or RMF> <Semiotics> <the World Wide Web, or the Syntactic 
Web>    (04)

<Ontological Framework> :: = <Unified Framework Ontology, WDF, or RMF> 
<Upper Level    (05)

Ontologies> <Domain Ontologies>    (06)

<Semiotics> :: = <Pragmatics> <Semantics> <Syntax>    (07)

<Pragmatics> :: = <Users> <Web Agents> <Intentions> <Actions> 
<Communication> < Proof> <Trust> <Truth>    (08)

<Semantics> :: = <Signs, Data Type, Natural Language Expressions> < 
Constructs> <Meanings>    (09)

<Syntax> :: = <Logical Framework> <Rules> <OWL Ontology> <RDF Schema> <RDF 
M&S>    (010)

< RDF> <XML/SGML> <Namespaces>    (011)

<the Web>  ::= <Resources, Representation, Identification, URI, Unicode> 
<Interaction, Software Agents, Hypertext links, Protocols, HTTP> <Formats, 
HTML, XHTML>    (012)

The central idea of the Real Web is rather simple: without a common standard 
ontology as a common code of meanings and rules, there is no base and 
foundation for the whole enterprise of ontological semantic technology, 
powerful programming tools and applications employing semantic web 
technologies. To be consistent, its creators should fully appreciate the 
hard truth that the semantic web with its technologies and tools postulate a 
complete foundational ontology of anything, known as a single universal, 
global, or master ontology'.''
The real truth is usually very simple.    (013)

Azamat Abdoullaev
EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent System Ltd
Paphos, CYPRUS
Moscow, RUSSIA
PS: For a good reason can't actively participate in any discussion for next 
2/3 weeks.
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> Pat,
> I agree that the proof box is misplaced, but I think
> that the major problem is that the logic box is not
> correctly positioned.
> > http://www.w3.org/2007/03/layerCake.png
> PH> Hmm, I wonder why the 'Proof' Tetris piece has
> > a connection to Rule without going through Unifying
> > Logic.  That seems like a very bad decision to me
> Unifying Logic is the framework that includes the others
> as subsets:  RDF, RDF-S, Rule RIF, OWL, and SPARQL.
> Each of these subsets is tailored for a specific kind of
> inference engine and/or a specific range of uses.  What
> unifies them is the common model-theoretic semantics.
> That semantics enables all of them to interoperate on
> shared data and produce consistent results.
> My suggestion would be to draw the Unifying Logic box as
> a large container that includes all the others inside:
> RDF, RDF-S, Rule RIF, OWL, and SPARQL.
> John
>     (015)

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