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From: Adam Pease <adampease@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 11:00:38 -0700
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Dear Colleague,
   Following the success of last year's competition, and the award of 
the SUMO prize to Robin Sharp of the Technical University of Denmark, we 
are announcing the second annual SUMO prize for the best open source 
ontology extension of SUMO.    (01)

The SUMO prize is for US$3000.00 will be awarded to the best open source 
project that extends SUMO. Entries will be due electronically to Adam 
Pease (apease [at] articulatesoftware [dot] com) by December 1, 2007. 
Awards will be made December 31, 2007. Entries should be SUO-KIF files 
that extend SUMO and its domain ontologies, and conform to them.    (02)

In addition to the logical soundness of the ontology with respect to the 
SUMO ontologies, entries will be judged on several criteria:    (03)

     * Degree of formalization - is the ontology fully specified with 
rules or just a taxonomy or collection of basic relational statements?
     * Scope and coverage of the ontology - is it just a few terms, or 
     * Does the ontology cover a coherent new topic or domain?
     * Actual utility of the ontology in an application    (04)

Further details are available at <http://www.ontologyportal.org/prize.html>    (05)

Please feel free to circulate this notice to your students and 
colleagues and any mailing lists you feel appropriate.    (06)

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