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[ontolog-forum] Know of any (manufactured) Product ontologies?

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From: "Danny Ayers" <danny.ayers@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 18:15:04 +0200
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Hi folks,    (01)

Short version, how would you say -    (02)

"Our car is a Fiat Punto 3-door hatchback, it has registration PI314." ?    (03)

Long version -    (04)

I recently started a (proper!) job with Talis, who have developed a
Semantic Web Platform [1], essentially RESTful RDF stores with
accessories. My role is to get people developing on the Platform. It's
early days, in fact the store infrastructure is still under
development, there are just a few in use with internal betas, I've got
one to play with and that's about it at the moment.    (05)

But in looking at potential demo material, it appears that no-one in
the Semantic Web community seems to have taken on one of the iconic
Web applications of the boom, the e-commerce store. The kind of thing
Sun have in their J2EE "Pet Store" demo [2]. I use a couple myself
quite regularly - Amazon [3] & Thomann [4]. Typical features are
facetted browsing of products, search, keyword tagging, drill-down
into details etc, all things that should be a piece of cake for these
knowledge representation thingies we like to talk about so much. (I
assume most deployed systems are object-heavy and backed by SQL DBs).    (06)

In looking at the requirements, the nearest conceptual match of vocab
for a /generic/ store I could find was FRBR, Functional Requirements
for Bibliographic Records. While designed for books, I think it can
probably be repurposed. It can take into account e.g. the difference
between the Fiat Punto (kind of car) and the Fiat Punto (parked
outside my window). Notes on this are at [5], comments appreciated.
(An additional motivation here is that Talis has a history in
libraries). It's surprisingly difficult :-)    (07)

So anyhow, I was wondering whether anyone here knew of any existing
ontologies that cover this kind of ground.    (08)

Danny.    (09)

[1] http://talis.com/platform
[2] http://java.sun.com/developer/releases/petstore/
[3] http://amazon.com
[4] http://www.thomann.de/gb/
[5] http://lpag-wiki.talis.com/wiki/FRPR    (010)

--     (011)

http://dannyayers.com    (012)

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