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Re: [ontolog-forum] Question on "universal ontology"

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Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2007 09:37:16 +0700
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it was late evening yesterday when I posted and a little tired
I think something happens to people when they start answering their own questions
Let me correct myself below:

> given a same ontology, will different types of reasoners (expert
> systems, or human experts)
> give the same answer to a query?
> I guess not - because the 'result' - if  by result we mean the same
> thing - does not depend on the knowledge representation alone, but on
> the inference patters, axioms, assumptions, belifs, configurations,
> goal,  and lots of other factors and functions

I guess axioms are covered in  ontology,  and maybe a few other factors also (so my statement above was mixed up a little) but the point I was trying to make stays:
 also bad/good karma, intentions, motives, luck, ability, processing power and the lot-  having access to the same 'description of reality' does not mean interacting with that reality in the same way, for a number of factors that I can hardly enumerate

To the extent that any schema or ontology (whether 'universal' or not)
"facilitates access to knowledge," what we call 'disclosure' in the
Topic Maps Reference Model, I am all for it.


That is to say if I formally or informally 'disclose' to you enough
information for you to access information organized by me or to
integrate it with information you may have organized differently, that
is a very good thing. The extent to which that can be formalized and
possibly automated by some means is a plus.

Yes,  hopefull a step forward in intelligent reasoning on the web, if we can make that happen
although that may sound grand, we gotta push for things like that
It is within human capabilities I think, we just have to be ready to embrace new shift in semantic paradigm when that comes

( happy when I get a decent day..._


Paola Di Maio
School of IT

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