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Re: [ontolog-forum] Terminology Question concerning Web Architecture and

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Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 15:28:04 -0500
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>Architecture and LinkedData
>>>  Patrick Durusau wrote: I am sure Azamat will formulate his own response but
>>>I can answer for
>>>  myself since I share the opinion that there is no "universal ontology."
>>>Dear Patrick,
>>>Let me just ensure you that there is a ''universal ontology'', '' global
>>>ontology'', '' master ontology'', or '' standard ontology'', as a
>>>comprehensive consistent world model.
>>Well, I guess Im very pleased to hear it. Where is this universal 
>>ontology to be found?
>In your mind it has been been started to develop from 10 months old: 
>(Is There a Universal 
>Ontology?http://www.indiana.edu/~gasser/L700/newkirk_notes.html)    (01)

Hmm. This sounds like what in AI is often called 'formalized common 
sense'. I have been trying to construct parts of this, on and off, 
for about 30 years now. Others also have done a great deal of work 
along these lines, of course. For a rather more impressive attempt at 
building it, see the Cyc project. Indeed, the entire idea of 
formalized ontologies has its roots in this work. Nevertheless, the 
idea that there is a single ontology that we all have growing in our 
minds has NOT been given a great deal of support by this now quite 
large body of work. On the contrary, in fact: there is a lot of 
evidence, some of it quite rigorous, that people differ in their 
mental ontologies. Nor is there a great deal of reason to think that 
people are internally consistent.    (02)

>How large is it?
>As large as your mind might be. But note that universal ontology is 
>beyond space and time.    (03)

Well, my mind, for one, is certainly NOT beyond space and time.    (04)

>What language is it written in?
>Inherently embodied in both universal languages: Natural Language 
>and Mathematical Language    (05)

Those aren't languages. I meant an answer like, FOL or OWL (or 
English or Latin, maybe).    (06)

>Is it somewhere on the Web?
>Not yet. To be implemented as ever growing open world Ontological 
>Intelligent Web.    (07)

Again, this sounds like the grand AI problem.  Having watched the 
rate of progress so far, I don't expect that it will be solved any 
time soon.    (08)

Pat    (09)

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