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Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007 14:21:49 -0400
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Pat and Peter,    (01)

Just two points:    (02)

PH> AI systems check your credit rating and make informed
 > (and surprisingly intelligent) guesses about whether or
 > not your credit card was stolen recently. Its not so-called,
 > its already here.    (03)

Yes, indeed.  And the programming language used for most of
those systems is good, old Prolog -- the first of the logic
programming languages.    (04)

At the end of this note is the press release for the purchase
of Prologia by Experian -- one of the top three credit-checking
companies in the US.  And Prologia is the company that was founded
by Alain Colmerauer, the original developer of the first Prolog.    (05)

PFB> I would argue whether the examples you cite are evidence
 > of artificial intelligence or just well-designed transactional
 > systems.    (06)

The boundary of AI is not well defined.  What I would say is that
those systems illustrate the value of logic-programming methods.
Prolog (and similar logic-programming systems) are ideally suited
to complex reasoning in high-volume transactional systems.  I have
seen complex transactional systems that failed spectacularly with
traditional methods, but which succeeded with Prolog.    (07)

_________________________________________________________________    (08)

http://www.experiangroup.com/corporate/news/releases/2005/2005-10-25/    (09)

Experian expands risk management capabilities in France with
acquisition of Prologia    (010)

25 October 2005    (011)

Experian, the global information solutions company, has strengthened its 
leading position in the market for decision support, analytics for risk 
management with the acquisition of Prologia, a software company 
specialising in financial risk planning and management. Prologia is 
particularly strong in the French mortgage sector.    (012)

Created in 1984, Prologia has been part of the Air Liquide services 
group since 2000. Prologia will become part of Experian-Scorex, 
Experianís specialist decision support business, and will enable 
Experian-Scorex to enlarge its portfolio of risk management solutions.    (013)

"Decision solutions is a key activity of Experian and we continue to 
invest both in research and development as well as in acquisitions. 
Prologia brings us its expertise and knowledge of the property market, 
which is key to the banking and finance sectors. We will be better armed 
and positioned to answer their needs. This acquisition further 
emphasizes our market-leading role in the decision support arena," said 
Roger Aubrook, President of Experian-Scorex.    (014)

Anne-FranÁoise Douix, Managing Director of Prologia, added: "We are 
really proud of becoming part of Experian. The combination of our 
complementary product portfolios will strengthen both our companies, 
providing our clients with more advanced solutions, while giving 
Prologia immediate access to international markets for its solutions."    (015)

The acquisition is consistent with Experianís global strategy of 
acquiring complementary businesses that provide new products, new data 
or entry into new vertical or regional markets, while leveraging the 
core assets of Experian.    (016)

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