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From: Pat Hayes <phayes@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 17:29:48 -0600
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>  > Facet
>>  Assembly
>>  Bound or Bounded
>>  Prime (as in an indivisible prime number)
>>  Set
>>  Totality
>>  or
>>  Resource
>er... what problem is being sorted out here? All of these
>terms are already overloaded to the nth degree and
>have non-overlapping meanings; as does
>Aspect. If there was ever a good example of why ontology
>can and should use an axiomatised formalisation
>instead of natural language terms, then
>I guess this is it! :-)    (01)

I entirely agree. It is impossible to use a 
normal English word to express something 
technical without  its being overloaded.    (02)

I have another problem with this thread: I have 
no idea what, er, concept is being discussed. 
Charles said:    (03)

"....  a universal, non-divisible idea.  This "concept"
when combined with others forms the definition of an entity."    (04)

Wha?? First, what distinguishes "universal" ideas 
from (I presume) non-universal ones? Second, what 
does it mean for an idea to be "divisible"? 
Third, what kind of combination are we talking 
about? I would suggest (following Fodor) that the 
key idea here is not the things you are calling 
'concepts', which in almost every detailed 
account that has ever been put forward turn out 
to be little more than nodes in a graph or points 
in a space, but rather the 'combinations' that 
they take part in, or rather still the 
*structure* of these combinations. It is the 
space (or maybe, the network, or the relational 
structure, or whatever one wants to call it) 
which matters and which gives the 
points/nodes/names/identifiers in it the 
"conceptual" structure that they have.    (05)

Pat Hayes    (06)

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