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Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 15:20:31 -0500
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Hello,    (01)

 I realize that this is not necessarily the most salient topic for this
forum, but all of the field experts whose opinion I would trust are here,
so I'll take advantage.    (02)

 I have been working for a couple of years now in the area of ontological
representation and ontological modeling, and I have a component based
theory that I use for my work.  It is one of the pieces of my PhD work, and
serves a couple of useful purposes for projects I work on.  The model takes
the approach of having a taxonomy, with entities and relationships, to
model the knowledge and process of a domain - and to show semantic
relations between entities (other than subsumption relationships) where
appropriate.  The two added components that I have been working on are
rules formalizing the application of those semantic relations, and a way to
model the meaning of an entity by trying to capture its aspects, which I
have referred to as concepts.    (03)

By concepts, here I mean a universal, non-divisible idea.  This "concept"
when combined with others forms the definition of an entity.    (04)

The problem I have is that the word Concept is much too overloaded in our
community, so I am frequently at a loss to get past assumptions about its
definition.  One of my possible solutions is to use the word Aspect
instead, but I don't want to clear up one problem by starting another.    (05)

Any suggestions or observations?    (06)

Chuck    (07)

Charles Turnitsa
Project Scientist
Virginia Modeling, Analysis & Simulation Center
Old Dominion University Research Foundation
7000 College Drive
Suffolk, Virginia 23435
(757) 638-6315 (voice)
(757) 686-6214 (fax)
cturnits@xxxxxxx    (08)

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