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Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 17:55:11 -0500
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Patrick,  I just had to raise by at least $0.02.

When we say "universal, non-divisible idea" don't we really mean:  within our domain... this is a "
universal, non-divisible idea?"  That is, everything we are modeling containing this "universal, non-divisible idea" has the same meaning that we assigned way back-when we introduced the "universal, non-divisible idea."

Patrick Durusau wrote:

Charles D Turnitsa wrote:




By concepts, here I mean a universal, non-divisible idea.  This "concept"
when combined with others forms the definition of an entity.


Well, "*universal*, non-divisible idea" is at the heart of the problem 
isn't it?

That is to say that as usually discussed, ontologies are making 
universal claims, which may be valid for those using the ontology but 
not valid for others.

I really don't see the probem with simply saying that for purpose X we 
find that assuming a - z to be "universal, non-divisible ideas" is 
useful. That is the scope of "universal" is limited to a particular 
domain or problem area without trying to make claims for areas we 
haven't bothered to explore. Or that others might resolve differently.

Rather than searching for or more commonly arguing about a common set of 
"universal, non-divisible ideas" why not simply state the "universal, 
non-divisible ideas" for a particular ontology and let it go at that?

I understood from the teleconference that last year's summit on upper 
ontologies resulted in agreement to disagree. I can't imagine any other 
outcome from a search for a common set of "universal, non-divisible 
ideas."  Certainly useful to see when one or more members of the 
community think there are common "universal, non-divisible ideas" in 
different ontologies but that doesn't make them any closer to (or 
further away from) being universal.

Hope everyone is looking  forward to a great weekend!



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