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Re: [ontolog-forum] Modeling Ontology

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From: Peter Yim <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 17:23:34 -0700
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Our scheduled Technical Discussion for Thu 2005.06.30, moderated 
by Bill McCarthy, is on the subject of "Service Sciences". That 
would be an ideal platform to "discuss" this - WSMO & SWSF - if 
someone attending the session can talk about it intelligently. 
Timing-wise, it may be too soon, though.    (01)

Do we have anyone who can do that, and is planning to come to the 
6/30 session? Any suggestion?    (02)

=ppy    (03)

P.S. ... just helping keep track of the acronyms:    (04)

WSMO = Web Service Modeling Ontology - 
http://www.w3.org/2005/04/FSWS/Submissions/1/wsmo_v10.pdf    (05)

SWSF = Semantic Web Services Framework - 
--    (06)

Nicolas F Rouquette wrote Wed, 15 Jun 2005 16:57:35 -0700:
> It might be good to have a planning discussion about this.
> There could be 3 options:
> 1) presentation of WSMO
> 2) presentation of SWSF
> 3) the practical and strategic aspects of using WSMO and/or SWSF, for 
> what, when, etc...
> Personally, 1) + 2) would be a weak approximation of the concerns that 
> arise w.r.t. 3), the "real" issue.
> As I menitioned earlier, if you read some of the fine print in the WSMO 
> and SWSF docs, there is
> important wisdom and caution that the people behind the spec believe is 
> important enough to
> mention explicitly in these specs. However, it is difficult for 
> non-experts to have enough depth
> about these related specs to make heads & tails of these bits and pieces 
> of wisdom to go through
> a checklist of questions/answers to decide which of these approaches is 
> better suited to a given problem.
> I'm not saying we can expect magic answers but we could start to ask the 
> folks in WSMO and SWSF
> to help us organize  a discussion where we could start a simple 
> checklist of, say, the top ten questions
> they would advise/recommend practitioners to think about in choosing one 
> vs. the other and some kind
> of illustration/example to get an intuitive feel to relate these 
> questions to someone's own concerns/project/task/work...
> -- Nicolas.    (07)

> Duane Nickull wrote:
>> Thank you Peter, Nicolas.
>> M. Yim, would you consider placing an subject on our next agenda to 
>> discuss a possible invitation to the gentlemen below to present to our 
>> Group?
>> Duane    (08)

>> Peter F Brown wrote:
>>> Duane:
>>> WSMO was presented in detail last week at the W3 semantic web services
>>> workshop in Innsbruck, Austria - WSMO's "home base", as it is largely
>>> promoted by the Innsbruck-based Digital Enterprise Research Institute
>>> (DERI), with considerable support from the European Commission.
>>> There is some concern about the pressure being mounted by DERI to 
>>> have WSMO
>>> "adopted as a standard" (although not clear by whom: W3C?). The European
>>> Commission will be looking at this over the coming months.
>>> There is a good overview of WSMO at:
>>> http://www.w3.org/2005/04/FSWS/Submissions/1/wsmo_v10.pdf used at the
>>> workshop. It might be worth contacting John Domingue from the UK Open
>>> University, who made the presentation, and with whom I had a couple 
>>> of bried
>>> talks during the activity.
>>> -Peter    (09)

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>>> Anyone have any comments or thoughts on this:
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>>> Might be an idea to extend an invite for a presentation.
>>> Duane Nickull
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