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Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2004 20:32:52 -0500
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   My plan for the presentation is summarized below, and on the
Wiki site:    (01)

Peter Yim wrote:
> The subject is now confirmed.
> Time of call is: slot (d) Thu 11-Mar-2004 4:00pm California time. Assume 
> approx 1.5~2.0 hours. 
>  >
>     *    (02)

     The talk on March 11 will focus on how concepts represented in SKIF, as 
SUMO and MILO, can be viewed in a Protege viewer, and on how I would suggest
representing some of the basic business concepts in these two formats, SKIF and 
Protege.    (03)

The Protege-KIF project has two aspects: (1) to develop a Protege plug-in that 
will permit import of SKIF files into the Protege browser; and (2) to create 
concepts representing the Core Concepts and other business entities in SKIF, by 
extension from the SUMO upper ontology, and then to import the SUMO
together with its business-entity extensions into the Protege environment to 
enhance ease of understanding of the concepts and their relations to each other.    (04)

    Since the plugin development (in JAVA) is a one-person task, I will not 
discuss the programming aspects, but will focus on how concepts in KIF can be 
represented in Protege.    (05)

     This session will proceed as a teleconference, with the visual 
illustrations being available through the tight VNC connection provide by Peter 
Kim at:    (06)

        http://vnc2.cim3.net:5800/ (sign in as 'ontolog' to view the 
presentation.)    (07)

I plan to run a Protege version of SMINK012, the latest version of the ontology 
that includes the concepts from SUMO and MILO plus those suggested by Adam 
and those I added to represent business entities. In the limited time 
I will show how I suggest we represent a few of the core components. The basic 
philosophy of this representation is, that we are representing documents and 
text fields within documents, and I am suggesting that we represent them as 
abstract texts, rather than physical documents, so that we can consider only 
version of each document or field, and avoid the complications of multiple 
possible physical representations (paper, computer file, screen visualization). 
The main point of including these text elements in an ontology is to be able to 
create links from the text elements to those real-world objects to which the 
texts refer. The manner of creating such links will be discussed.    (08)

    Although we will be able to browse the data already imported into Protege 
via the TightVNC link, unfortunately there is some problem reading files from 
the Protege browser in that environment, and I will not be able to demonstrate 
importing data from a file into the browser.  Peter and I are discussing how to 
overcome this problem, but it will not be resolved by Thursday.    (09)

But the files "smink012.zip" and "skif_tab.jar" are available from  my site:    (010)

       ftp://micra.com/ontolog/    (011)

If you wish to try these locally, you may be able to test the import of new 
into  the existing ontology.    (012)

    I will appreciate any comments on the manner in which I have chosen to 
represent these business concepts, especially since my own interpretation of 
short descriptions of the meanings may very well miss the intended meanings. 
This should be a good opportunity to discuss concrete substantive issues in the 
representation of business concepts, and I hope you all will be able to attend. 
  These representations are only suggestions, and I expect that some or perhaps 
most of them will change as a result of comments from people knowledgeable in 
the domain business transactions, or from suggestions about ways to represent 
and visualize such concepts.    (013)

    Pat    (014)

Patrick Cassidy    (015)

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