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[oor-forum] Registry definition (apologies)

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From: Duane Nickull <dnickull@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2008 23:40:39 -0800
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Crew:    (01)

I want to apologize if I have been a bit anal about the definitions.  I
honestly believe it may be something we really need to get right
(eventually).  I'm totally happy to let it go for now as I am convinced we
will end up re-visiting it later.    (02)

As a long time standards guys, I've learned to be pretty thick skinned and
have never really pushed for things except where there seems to be a big
need. In the interest of not holding up the group and respecting the groups
wishes, I want to move forward with full enthusiasm and integrity in the
work I will contribute.    (03)

I also want to apologize for the time I have used discussing this in the
face of opposition.  My work ethic comes from a place of being true to what
I believe and sometimes taking unpopular stances despite evidence it is a
losing battle.  Yes - I am disruptive at times and will never be a sheep in
the midst of a herd.  It is my punk rock attitude that got me where I am in
life  ;-)    (04)

Regardless of the eventual outcome, I will continue to contribute my honest
opinions to this project as I believe it is important work.    (05)

Cheers (and beers).  What are our next steps?    (06)

Duane    (07)

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