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Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2012 16:35:16 -0000
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Dear John,    (01)

> I agree with all your points.  I'll just quote the last line:
> > MW: So in essence it is all a matter of quality (fitness for
> purpose).
> The comment that triggered my exchange with Hans is the note by Steve,
> who said that evaluation is "more focused".
> As you showed in your note, evaluation involves quality, fitness for
> purpose, requirements, specifications, efficiency, cost, consistency,
> completeness, timeliness, accuracy, clarity, relevance, decisions, and
> processes in the enterprise.
> Those terms, which I took from your note, could be expanded further to
> include almost anything in IT, the enterprise that uses IT, and the
> employees and customers of the enterprise.    (02)

MW: Well at least any aspect of IT. Of course it does. It is the purpose of
IT to deliver information to the enterprise, there are technology layers
with information at the top, databases, applications, and ontologies in the
middle, and hardware, networks etc at the bottom (simplified of course). But
it all has one purpose, and any part of it can be judged in the same way:
how does it contribute to information quality.    (03)

MW: Ontologies are just a possible component in all this. Not an end in
themselves.    (04)

Regards    (05)

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