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Re: [ontolog-forum] Concepts, ontologies, and natural languages

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From: John F Sowa <sowa@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2012 10:14:55 -0500
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On 11/29/2012 3:40 PM, Tom Knorr wrote:
> I agree fully with John's assessment (criteria) and would actually go
> further in defining a concept as nothing but a (numbered) placeholder. It is
> meaningless without relations. In my system (NeuroCollective) a relation can
> be semantic (creating semantic networks) but all concepts allow NL relations
> which go into syntactic representations.    (01)

That's a good discipline for developing ontologies.    (02)

In logical terms, the only fundamental notions are Boolean operators,
quantifiers, and relations.  Everything else can be defined in terms
of them:  properties, attributes, concepts, types, classes, etc.    (03)

But I also believe that empirical studies in psycholinguistics and
neuroscience are important for determining how symbols in general
and language in particular are related to human psychology.    (04)

In any case, practical experience in computer science and systems
is still the most important basis for developing practical systems.    (05)

John    (06)

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