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Dear Ed,    (01)

> [EJB] As Eliot Kinder, one of the Hypertext gurus, once put it:  "It
> all comes down to people talking to people, no matter how much cool
> technology we throw at it."    (02)

MW: I think you mean Eliot Kimber (certainly sounds like him).    (03)

My approach to disambiguating word senses is to add qualifying terms to
disambiguate the meanings. So for example, "data" has a handful of different
definitions, one of which is:    (04)

d.1.d pl. The quantities, characters, or symbols on which operations are
performed by computers and other automatic equipment, and which may be
stored or transmitted in the form of electrical signals, records on magnetic
tape or punched cards, etc.    (05)

So instead of just using this definition I would call it say "computer
data". There is a trade off here between clarity and verbosity, but I know
which side of that compromise I wish to be. You can use this in other areas
to distinguish between say accounting asset and maintenance asset etc.    (06)

Regards    (07)

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