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Re: [ontolog-forum] doing standards [was - Re: Webby objects]

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Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2012 21:34:14 +0000
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I agree, Hassan.     (01)

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>All this discussion on meaningful vs. meaningless labels in an
>ontologies brought back to me the memory of a paper I wrote back in 1982
>[!] while a grad student at Penn describing an experiment on what sense
>a human user is able to make out of an ontology using English labels as
>opposed to to dummy labels.
>What I used then to represent the ontology was Ron Brachman's KL-One and
>the domain was the description of a Production-Distribution-Inventory
>optimization system. Subjects (all unfamiliar with the domain) were
>asked to answer questions regarding the ontology (half of the experiment
>subjects were presented with meaningfully named nodes, and half with
>dummy-labeled nodes).
>The conclusion of the experiment was, to quote part of my paper's
>conclusion, that "when entities bear English names, natural language
>productions are more compact, more "natural", and syntactically more
>elegant." Descriptions given by the subjects seeing only dummy-labels
>were verbose, and tended to carry no clear meaning, even with a clearly
>detailed ontological structure.
>Here's the paper:
>http://www.hassan-ait-kaci.net/contactme.html    (02)

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