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Re: [ontolog-forum] Ontology-based database integration

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Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 10:44:34 +0100
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Dear Erick,    (01)

> I can think of a couple of projects, and I think Chris Partridge
> has some
> examples from the financial industries also.
> One involved an oil company (a big one !) that I'm not allowed to
> name, but
> the chap who ran the project follows this forum, so I expect he'll
> contact
> you offline.     (02)

MW: That will be me then, and the oil company is Shell, whom I used to
work for.    (03)

> The project had two threads - one was around having a
> common
> foundation for all the data models across their downstream
> business.     (04)

The first project Ian mentions was a data model of Shell's Downstream
Business. I did a presentation of this at the DAMA conference in London
a few years ago.
ownstream%20Data%20Model.ppt      (05)

> The
> other was an implementation to integrate the dictionaries of
> various ERP
> systems.    (06)

MW: That I don't have anything on in the public domain. But this might
be interesting:
http://www.matthew-west.org.uk/documents/STEPintoTheRealWorld.PDF     (07)

It is about integrating engineering data for a major project.    (08)

Regards    (09)

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