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Rich Cooper


Rich AT EnglishLogicKernel DOT com


Hi John,


John F. Sowa wrote:


A lot of things we do in life can be viewed as games.  I like

Wittgenstein's later philosophy because he develops the game

metaphor quite effectively as an explanation of how language

works.  But as most students and commentators have remarked,

a lot more detailed examples are necessary to show how the

general ideas can be applied.




I'm reading Karl Popper's Logic of Scientific Discovery, about induction and generalization.  I’m trying to relate that discovery processes to identify the linguistic games that underlie most conversation.  There is always self interest in the speaker and in the listener, as well as underlying agendae for each. 


You’ve indicated you like Wittgenstein also wrt linguistic games issues.  Is there a good reference you would recommend for describing the details of common linguistic games?  Anything automated that would identify games based on corpora?






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