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Re: [ontolog-forum] ISO merged ontology effort "MCO"

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From: Ed Barkmeyer <edbark@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 18:07:42 -0400
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Patrick Cassidy wrote:
> FYI: Result of 'MCO' study on  a standard upper ontology:
> Proposal not adopted.
> The issue is still important, and I would suggest we continue this thread
> for a while.
> Pat
> Doc No:   2N1854
> Replaces: --
> Doc Type: Summary of voting/Table of Replies
> Date:     2009-04-12
> Title:    Summary of Voting on 32N1833 Request for SC32/WG2 study period
> on standardized concept systems and semantic descriptions for merged core
> ontology (MCO) as proposed in 32N1807 Due Date: -
> Pages:    3
> Source:   SC32 Secretariat
> Project:  1.32.02
> Status:   proposed SC32 resolution is not adopted due to insufficient
> number of  P-members voting (JTC1 Directives, 9.1.10)
> Action:   FYI    (01)

Thanks, Pat.
Interestingly, the proposal was defeated by lack of quorum -- too few 
national bodies sent in their ballots.  That suggests that there is 
little interest in such a standard.  Another tempest in a teapot.    (02)

-Ed    (03)

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