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Re: [ontolog-forum] Requirements of computer language semantics

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> That is what you have been doing with mKR.  But most of us
> in this forum have been complaining that your notions of
> 'space', 'time', and 'view' (and many other topics) have
> been far too vague.
> What do you mean by space?  A particular point specified in
> a given coordinate system?  Some extended region of space?
> How is it specified?
> What do you mean by time?  A point in time?  An extended
> interval?  How is it specified?  How do you relate time
> and space in a 3D or 4D specification?
> What do you mean by view?  A literal visual view, as
> determined by a camera at a specific location with a
> specific direction, focus, and resolution?  A more
> metaphorical notion?  How do you define and specify it?    (02)

I have addressed these questions in my recent emails.
space, time, view are quantized
view is a list of propositions    (03)

The reason I cannot be more specific is that the details
depend upon the purpose of the person who is creating
the propositions.
Astrophysicists measure space in light-years.
Chip designers measure space in nanometers.
Nuclear physicists measure space in plank units.
Historians measure time in decades and centuries.
Young children measure time in seconds.
Grammarians measure time in "past", "present", "future".    (04)

There is one other aspect of space. time, view that is important.
space and time have a linear order, but view has only a partial order.    (05)

More specific theories of space, time, view are appropriate 
in some cases, but these are restrictions which do not apply 
in general, to all cases.    (06)

Dick    (07)

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