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[ontolog-forum] N3+, an N3-variant for units

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From: Joel Bender <jjb5@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 17:38:10 -0400
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John wrote:    (01)

> The major problems here are not in logic, but ontology.  The
> most difficult words to define in that passage are 'aspect'
> and 'quantifiable', which raise an enormous number of logical,
> linguistic, and philosophical issues.    (02)

I disagree, in spite of the number of issues that are raised.  Beyond 
the "I call this property/you call this an attribute" discussions, there 
is a common understand of "measure", and yet I have not found a 
consistent and strong way of representing it.    (03)

For the purpose of this discussion I going to define a variant of N3 off 
the top of my head, I'll call it N3+ (if there is already an N3+ 
language out there, I apologize).  N3+ is just like N3 except that the 
data type can be a unit of measure.    (04)

     :joel ex:height "2.0"^^si:meter .    (05)

So just like "2.0"^^xsd:float maps the character string "2.0" into the 
number 2.0, "si:meter" not only maps it to same numeric space as 
xsd:float but also to si:length as the UnitsML quantity "length" (which 
doesn't have a URI that I've been able to find).    (06)

So my mission is to describe si:meter, using rdf/rdfs/owl serialization, 
that captures those concepts.    (07)

> ...but the basic primitives of core CL are very simple
> and very general.    (08)

So in theory I should be able to take this mini language and describe it 
using CL or IKL, and you should know what this means.  (If there are any 
EXPRESS, OpenCyc, or other languages that would be better, I would like 
to hear about them.)    (09)

Well, to that end, I printed out ISO IEC 24707 and I'm going to go read 
it with a cat in my lap and nice cold beverage.  And I'm staying away 
from vectors :-).    (010)

Joel    (011)

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