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ChrisM,    (02)

> > So, for example, in the case of the syllogism, the form of the
> > syllogism
> > reflects the transitive nature of the subsumption/subtype relation
> > between
> > types in the world.
> There are 256 syllogistic forms; what do you mean by the form of THE
> syllogism?  It is, in fact, the case that universal affirmative
> statements "All As are Bs" expresses, in effect, that {x | x is an A}
> is a subclass of {x | x is a B}, so what you *might* mean is that the
> form of a universal affirmative statement represents the subclass
> relation.  And it is indeed in virtue of the transitivity of subclass
> that, e.g., a Barbara syllogism is valid.  Is that what you have in
> mind?
>     (03)

Yes. I was referring to the example (I think) John gave - BARBARA.
Thanks for picking this up.    (04)

> Be that as it may, I think your general point is well taken.  Every
> logic worth the name comes with a semantics that will involve some
> very high level of ontological commitment.  FOL, in particular, is
> committed to, at least, "things" (the range of the quantifiers) and
> "predicables" (the values of predicates).  That's pretty thin,
> ontological gruel, however, since things and predicables are the basic
> ingredients of *any possible* ontology, and hence don't distinguish
> one ontology from another.  So logic certainly reflects a little
> something about the structure/nature of the world; just not that much.
>     (05)

ChrisP     (06)

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