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Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 07:49:54 +0700
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I was reading an article about "urbilateral" worms from about
600 million years ago.   I wondered why they were called
"city-sided", obviously from Latin 'urbs' for 'city' and
'lateralis' for 'side'.

Fortunately, another article provided a clue:  the author
hyphenated the word 'ur-bilateral' for the most primitive
worm with two-sided symmetry.

yes, its easy to make false etymological assumptions I guess

and probably the german -ur is derived from some sanskrit   or proto indo european sillable that became tranlisterated beyond recognition, but still visible as substring in the meaning of  some words

-purusha, m. original ancestor; primeval spirit; -pûrusha, m. primeval spirit,


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