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Re: [ontolog-forum] Relevance of Aristotelian Logic

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Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2009 22:07:08 -0500
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Azamat,    (01)

JFS>> I didn't claim that logic reflects the structure of the world,
 >> but that logic in combination with an ontology can be used to
 >> describe someone's conception of the structure of the world.    (02)

AA> Largely correct. Can we add here Mathematics and Fundamental
 > Science as well.    (03)

Yes.  I had assumed that a detailed ontology would incorporate
a large amount of math & science.    (04)

JFS>> I think that many descriptions are fairly accurate for limited
 >> domains, but I don't believe that any known unified attempt is
 >> adequate to capture the full structure.    (05)

AA> Mostly correct. But the SO is seeking to capture the core structure
 > of things in the world. The full structure is the domain of God, not
 > wretched human beings  :) .    (06)

Leibniz made a similar point about God.  But I am concerned about
what is supposed to be in the "core".    (07)

For example, if you look at the progress in physics over the past few
centuries, much of the surface level computation hasn't changed much
at all.  Except for a few extra decimal places, the computation for
determining the moon's orbit or what happens when you drop a stone off
the Tower of Pisa would be understood by an 18th-century physicist.    (08)

But the underlying nature of matter, energy, and light has undergone
a revolution during the 20th century, and physicists today are
talking about ideas that might create an even greater revolution
later in this century.  A similar revolution in molecular biology
has radically changed our understanding of living processes and
the medicines for treating disease.    (09)

Instead of seeking a "core structure", it might be more appropriate
to seek a "broad-brush approximation".    (010)

John    (011)

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