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Re: [ontolog-forum] Next steps in using ontologies as standards

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Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2009 01:14:55 +0700
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>    (01)

> I dont know, but as relationships are logical expressions
> Er... no. Relationships (AKA "relations') are in the world.    (02)

Sure, of course, but ontologies are descriptions and representations
of the world, not the world    (03)

> relation(ship) of being to the north of isn't a logical expression, its
> something that holds between (actual) things with positions on the surface
> of the (actual) Earth. Now, of course, we use expressions to describe and
> talk about relationships, just as we do about anything; I used the English
> words "being to the north of", above, to refer to the this very
> relationship. But the words are not the thing; and Chris here is talking
> about things, not words. Logical expressions are just the logical equivalent
> of English words and sentences, of course.
> I cant see where this would stop, although I think there may be some
> exceptions, I d have to think a bit (busy now)
> , thus relies on logic too
> ... no, that does not follow. Relationships do not rely on, or even
> presuppose, a logic.    (04)

agree, but logic is inferred from observing relationships    (05)

>Even if there were no language-using creatures in the  universe, and >hence no 
>language and hence no logics, still some things would  be >further north than 
>others.    (06)

you need logic the moment you make  any such statement    (07)

 The relationship would hold between the
> things, even if nothing had ever mentioned it or described it.    (08)

thats my point, although to describe a relationship you need some
formalism, hence logic    (09)

>    (010)

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