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Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2008 06:50:21 -0500
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on Wed. Jan. 02, 2008 at 1:45 PM, Peter Yim wrote:    (01)

>> [DN]  Would make an interesting ontolog session sometimes in 2008.
>> Maybe Peter can schedule a call.    (02)

+1  that it would make an interesting session.    (03)

> [ppy] Sure, I'd be most happy to. I'd need a more refined statement of
> WHAT (exactly) it is, that folks would like to discuss, and WHO are
> the people they would like to hear from (or hear discussing the issue
> at hand).    (04)

Brainstorming topic suggestions:
Resolved: The word "Context" in ontological engineering talk has become 
useless and should be replaced (Pro and Con). For those on the Pro side: 
recommend use of one or more terms or phrases to use to discuss technology 
already used and referred to by "context".   For those on the Con side: 
provide a concise and formal explanation of what thread connects different 
uses of the word "context", including time and belief.    (05)

Brainstorming people suggestions (alphabetically by last name):
Ramanathan Guha, Pat Hayes, John McCarthy, Chris Menzel, Duane Nickull, John 
Sowa,...    (06)

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